Funding The Ethics of Caring

It’s accepted within the arts that professionals will work without compensation. We believe that in an economically-oriented society, it’s important that laborers are compensated for their time regardless if they are working on a passion-project or not. So, when we launched this podcast, were committed to securing funding in advance so everyone involved would be compensated. We were successful in securing grants from two organizations and, with the aim of being transparent, we share the grant proposals in advance of launching the season. As the core team has grown, we have shifted our structure to reflect the values and priorities of the larger group, so the information listed in the grant proposal is somewhat inaccurate. We welcome comments and feedback on the grant proposals and would be glad to discuss them in more depth if there is interest.

Professional Venture Fund – Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation

Research and Continuing Education Grant – Society of Winterthur Fellows