The Ethics of Caring Podcast

The Ethics of Caring is in early stages of development. The first season will launch in November 2022 and is funded jointly by the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation and the Society of Winterthur Fellows. The grant proposals can be accessed here.

The creative team includes:

Adriana Benavides (she/her): social media coordinator

Emily Farek (she/her): co-producer

Lihi Levie (any pronoun): curator

Maribel Cosme-Vitagliani (she/her): social media coordinator

Margalit Schindler (they/them): curator

Natalya Swanson (she/they): producer, host

The Ethics of Caring is an exploratory project hosted by where the Creative Team interviews laborers across the heritage sector about how they are leveraging their agency and positions of power to affect positive change within their communities. The first season explores how the concept of collective success embeds itself into collection care activities, what it can be for groups of laborers, and how it can be a guide for developing community sustainably.