What questions and ideas has this post raised for you?

2 responses to “What questions and ideas has this post raised for you?”

  1. Joelle Wickens says:

    What is with this secrecy?

  2. Saira says:

    I think so much of the secrecy and fear is baked into the institutions in which we work, as well, that perhaps it’s inevitable that these attitudes prevail in our work. I’m thinking of how right now in many institutions there’s a fear that we will go “too far” in DEAI efforts (what “too far” is, is never defined). Institutions fear controversy, even though controversy is inevitable; you can’t please everyone.

    I’m also thinking that it takes courage to move past fear and secrecy, and maybe a certain amount of privilege. Not everyone can take the risk of being so vulnerable (so many of us are in precarious labor situations). It really puts the onus on those of us who are more ‘established’ and have a certain amount of professional status within the field.

    There’s so much to think about here.

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